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Our Range of Luxury Handbaked Gluten and Wheat Free Food

Our Story...

We started our food business in Dublin, Ireland in 2013, baking in my home kitchen and selling at our local farmers markets and local shops.

Such was the demand that we outgrew our kitchen in a few weeks.

Today our award winning granola is produced in a gluten free bakery (BRC Grade AA) in Ireland which has allowed us to scale up to meet demand from supermarkets, convenience stores and food service customers in Ireland, UK, France, Spain, Norway, Finland, and Singapore.

We have created the ultimate, most scrumptious granola by blending the finest pure jumbo oats, toasted nuts and seeds, plump  fruits, infused with treacle, honey and natural vanilla all hand-baked in small batches

Perfect at all times of the day, our Granola is a healthy luxurious breakfast with milk or natural yoghurt or sprinkled on porridge, a  moreish topping on fruit crumble or icecream, or  a healthy snack to keep you going during your busy day

Maria featured on the Today Show on RTE.

Here's some of our most Frequently Asked Questions

Granola and Muesli

The names Muesli and Granola are often used interchangeably but are actually quite different, granola is made by mixing the dry ingredients; nuts, seeds, oats spices with oil and sweetener and baking in the oven whereas Muesli is raw and without any liquids added. In the manufacture of Granola sometimes rapeseed oil, olive oil or coconut oil are used whereas bigger manufacturers use vegetable oil which is cheaper. All Maria Lucia Bakes products are made with high quality rapeseed or coconut oil. The oils are mixed with sweeteners such as honey, maple syrup, agave syrup instead of sugar like some bigger brands use. We have toasted Mueslis in our range where we toast very lightly some ingredients to add a little crunch and enhance the flavours.

On average a portion of our Granola is around 180 calories plus either milk or yoghurt and that is for 40g. On it’s own in a bowl it doesn’t look very much, but once fruit and yoghurt, containing protein, is added then it is quite filling. Most of us probably are used to pouring much larger portions than that into a bowl as if it was cornflakes. Granola is filling and will keep you full for longer down to the oats, nuts and seeds. Calorie wise it does add up, so we’d recommend adding yoghurt and fruit and measuring out those portions !

Sprinkled on greek yoghurt with summer berries is Granola at it’s best or a heaped spoonful on a bowl of creamy porridge in wintertime for added crunch and flavour livens up your healthy breakfast routine.

Granola tastes wonderful with dairy or nut  milk or yoghurt, especially Greek yoghurt. It tends to be more filling with yoghurt because of the protein. How about trying a combination of both?

You can add nut butter and coconut oil to Granola, press very firmly into a tray and chill or freeze, slice up into bars. Using our No Added Sugar Granola is an option so that you can add your own sweetener such as honey or for a vegan treat add maple syrup.


Buttery crumbly taste and texture from Irish grass fed butter and the right level of sweetness from the finest Belgian chocolate chips that are evenly distributed through the cookies. They are soft but still have some crunch. Delicious with a nice cuppa.

The gluten free flour mix used in our cookies is a special blend of soy, maize and rice.

Our mini cookies are a gluten-free treat and are intended to be consumed as an occasional indulgent snack. They contain chocolate and butter and although we use the finest ingredients they are not sold as a health product.

Keto Cereal

Most cereals contain grains in some form or other that are high in carbohydrates. Maria’s Keto Granola is grain-free, made with coconut flakes, seeds, nuts, spices, vanilla and coconut oil all of which are low-carb and suitable for someone on a Keto diet or for diabetics. None of the ingredients will spike your blood sugar.

To keep your bowl of cereal low carb or suitable for Keto diets simply add a full fat Greek Yoghurt and add a drizzle of double cream to keep your healthy fats up. Also delicious with strawberries, blueberries and other low-carb fruit.

Many Keto cereals on the market have artificial sweeteners. Maria Lucia Bakes Keto cereals are unsweetened.  Instead the flavour comes from coconut oil, vanilla, cinnamon and lots of healthy  fats from nuts.

Add Keto granola to low-carb cakes or bread recipes. Crush Keto cereal in a food processor, add melted butter and use for a Keto cheesecake mix. Also delicious for added crunch as a topping on Keto pancakes.

Many commercial cereals are highly processed and contain all kinds of sugars and starches. Maria Lucia Bakes Keto Granola is hand-baked in small batches using only high quality natural ingredients.

We use coconut oil in our Keto cereals making it suitable for low-carb and Keto diets. No palm oil or vegetable oils are used in our Keto cereal.

Coconut milk is perfect with Keto cereal as it has plenty of healthy fats that will keep you full for longer. Coconut yoghurt is also an option or any nut milks, such as almond milk.

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