Gluten Free Granola 4 Pk


Selection of luxury gluten wheat and dairy free healthy breakfast cereals. In the pack is one of each of the following granolas:

1 x 325g cashew almond and cinnamon

1 x 325g cranberry coconut and chia seed

1 x 325g no added sugar

1 x 312g macadamia and coconut keto



4 boxes of gluten free granolas:

1 x 325g Cashew almond & Cinnamon

1 x 312g Macadamia & Coconut Keto

1 x 325g No added sugar

1 x 325g Cranberry coconut & chia seed

Gluten, wheat and dairy free luxury granolas all produced in a gluten free bakery in Ireland made with the finest natural ingredients.

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