On-The-Go Porridge Pot 55g – 1 pot

1.50 1.20

Delicious single portion of gluten and dairy free porridge made with simple, all-natural ingredients: oat flakes, rice flakes and coconut sugar. Not sweet but has a delicate caramel flavour and is creamy from the rice flakes. No need for a microwave, just add hot water and stir ( takes 3-5 mins to thicken)



Creamy warming gluten free porridge perfect for the days when you are on the go. Spoon enclosed. Just add hot water and allow it to stand for a few mins and then stir. No dairy, the rice flakes add creaminess and a little coconut sugar adds flavour but it is not very sweet. So handy to take to work or college or when travelling. No need for a microwave.

These little pots won an Innovation Award at the Irish Freefrom Food Awards.

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