Keto 4 Loaf Bread Mix 1040g

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Easy to make keto bread mix. In large resealable pouch. Contains enough bread mix to make four loaves ( in Medium sized loaf tin)

  • Easy to make
  • Large pack size, contains enough bread mix to make 4 loaves
  • Keto / Low carb friendly
  • Less than 1g carbs per slice ( each loaf makes 16 slices)
  • Gluten free
  • No artificial ingredients
  • In a resealable pouch, just measure out 260g to make a loaf. Reseal pouch and it will store well for four months.
  • All you need is eggs, butter and water.
  • Once cooled slice the bread and store in fridge for up to five days or store in the freezer. Toasts well from frozen ( Sometimes two toasts in the toaster !)
  • Not suitable for making in a bread making machine
  • All ovens vary, in our oven it takes 70 mins to bake the bread. If in doubt at 60 mins take the bread out of the oven and test the centre of the loaf with a knife to check and see if cooked. If there is moisture on the knife it needs a few minutes longer in the oven.
  • A medium sized loaf tin is perfect, if your tin is  large size that simply means your loaf will be lower and wider.
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