Organic Erythritol Sugar replacement 500g



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Erythritol is a natural sugar replacement:

  • Ideal for baking with. You can even make meringues with it.
  • Perfect sweetener for hot drinks. Dissolves just like sugar.
  • Won’t spike blood sugar, suitable for diabetics
  • Keto and low carb friendly. Zero Net carbs ( see label on bag : Carbs >99.5g per 100g. Polyols 99.5g deducted from this to give zero net carbs)
  • Zero Calorie
  • Easier on tummy than other sweeteners such as xylitol
  • Organic, made from 100% organic corn. GMO Free. No aftertaste.
  • Shelf life : 2 years. Once opened store in a sealed container.
  • To convert the crystalline granules to a finer powder like icing sugar blitz in a food processor or blender for a couple of minutes.
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