Snacks, Treats and Desserts

  • Make your muffin mix magic – simply add Maria Lucia Bakes Granola
  • Top your Fruit Crumble with Maria Lucia Bakes Granola – delicious!
  • Sprinkle over vanilla ice cream for an addictive dessert.
  • Peanut butter Chocolate Bars. Roll Granola in almond butter, shape into balls, dip in melted chocolate and leave to chill.
  • Frozen yogurt , Granola and fresh fruit – the healthy option!
  • Crunchy fudge. Add Granola instead of nuts in your favourite fudge recipe for a rich, crunchy dessert.
  • Treat yourself to your own Maria Lucia Bakes Granola bars. Heat honey, sugar and butter on the stove, pour over the granola in the baking tray, bake for 30 minutes and cut into bars.