Maria_Lucia_BakesMaria Betts is launching her gluten free granola business ‘Maria Lucia Bakes’ this week.
“Often associated with just breakfast and snacks, I have put together an original menu using my tasty, healthy granola for a different eating experience”, she says.
The whole business started following a visit from a gluten intolerant friend in late 2013 who inspired Maria to experiment in the kitchen. They put together granola recipes that her friend could eat, experimenting with lots of new flavours using different combinations of fruits, honey, vanilla, nuts and seeds until they created the very best granola recipes.
“She was delighted to eat what she called ‘real food’ again and before long the word had spread! So here I am today, an executive coach turned granola maker, and loving every minute of it!”
The granola is stocked in several independent shops and Healthfood stores around the country and Maria is now on the advanced Food Academy programme sponsored by SuperValu, Bord Bia and the Local Enterprise Office in South Dublin.