This is a really quick breakfast idea that is also super healthy! Maybe you’re trying to eat more good food such as grapefruit or celery but find them too bland, bitter or boring on their own? Well this is a perfect way to liven up that oh-so-healthy grapefruit and also help you stay fuller for longer. It took me less that one minute (there is a video on instagram to prove it!) to prepare this delightful dish, so you will also have it ready to eat in next to no time. Enjoy this tangy treat!


1 Grapefruit

2 Tbsp. of Greek style yogurt

3 Tbsp. of our limited edition Hazelnut and Sultana Granola (or any other of our range of granolas)


  • Halve the graperuit
  • Dollop a tablespoon of yogurt on each half
  • Sprinkle the Hazelnut and Sultana Granola over the yogurt
  • Enjoy it by spooning out each segment, making sure there is some yogurt and granola on top
  • This recipe serves 1 but can easily be increased for more people